Serving sizes for starchy foods

1 serving = 150 Kcal 

Food Weight Cooking unit
Angu (cooked cornmeal) 105g 3 tablespoons
Banana cake 50g 1 piece
Bread, homemade 55g ½ unit
Breakfast cereal 43g 1 tea cup
Carrot cake 30g 1 small piece
Cassava (cooked) 96g 3 tablespoons
Cassava flour 30g 2 tablespoons
Cheese bun 40g 1 unit
Chocolate cake 50g 1 piece
Chocolate chip cookies 30g 6 units
Corn on the cob 100g 1 large ear
Corn starch 40g 2 and ½ tablespoons
Corn, whole kernel, canned 142g 1 medium-sized unit
Cornbread 70g 1 medium-sized unit
Cornflour 48g 4 tablespoons
Cornstarch cookies 35g 7 units
Cream crackers 32.5g 5 units
Farofa (made with cassava flour) 37g ½ serving spoon
French fries 58g 1 serving spoon
Hot dog bun 75g 1 and ½ units
Malted milk (biscuit) 32.5g 5 units
Marie biscuit 35g 7 units
Mashed potatoes 135g 2 serving spoons
Oatmeal 36g 2 tablespoons
Pamonha (corn paste wrapped with corn husks) 100g 1 unit
Pasta (cooked) 105g 3 and ½ tablespoons
Petit pain rolls 50g 1 unit
Polenta, fried 80g 2 pieces
Polenta, without sauce 200g 5 pieces
Popcorn, salted 22.5g 2 and ½ tea cups
Potato, baked, chopped 90g 3 tablespoons
Potato, cooked 175g 1 and ½ units
Potato bread 50g 1 unit
Potato, sauteed 130g 2 and ½ serving spoons
Potato, sweet, cooked 150g 1 and ½ serving spoons
Rice, white, cooked 125g 4 tablespoons
Rice, whole, cooked 140g 4 tablespoons
Rye bread 60g 2 slices
Sandwich cookies (chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry) 34g 2 units
Sweet corn cake 50g 1 piece
Toasted and sliced petit pain rolls 33g 6 slices
Wafers (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla) 30g 3 units
White bread (loaf) 43g 2 slices
Yam (Dioscorea trifida), baked/mashed 126g 3 and ½ tablespoons
Yam, baked/mashed 126g 3 and ½ tablespoons
Yam, pureed 135g 3 serving spoons
Zwieback, high-fiber 50g 5 units
Zwieback, high-gluten 50g 5 units
Zwieback, savoury 40g 4 units