Serving sizes for dairy

1 serving = 120 Kcal 

Food Weight Cooking unit
Cheese, Minas, cured 50g 1 and ½ piece
Cheese, Minas, fresh 40g 1 large piece
Cheese, pasteurized 35g 2 units
Curd 100g ½ metric cup
Fruit shake 171g 1 metric cup
Milk, dry, nonfat 30g 2 tablespoons
Milk, dry, whole 30g 2 tablespoons
Milk, pasteurized, 3.0% fat 182g 1 metric cup
Milk, pasteurized, 3.5% fat 182g 1 metric cup
Milk, UHT, 3.5% fat 182g 1 metric cup
Milk, UHT, low-fat, 2% fat 182g 1 metric cup
Mozzarella 45g 3 pieces
Parmesan, grated 30g 3 tablespoons
Provolone 35g 1 piece
Queijo prato  (similar to Danbo) 40g 2 pieces
Requeijão (type of cream cheese) 45g 1 and ½ tablespoons
Ricotta 100g 2 pieces
She-goat milk, whole 180g 1 metric cup
Yogurt, fruit-flavored, low-fat 140g 1 cup
Yogurt, fruit-flavored, whole 130g 1 cup
Yogurt, plain, low-fat 200g 1 metric cup
Yogurt, plain, whole 200g 1 metric cup