What else is written in the Brazilian Food Guide about legumes?

Legumes should provide 5% of the total energy of the diet.

Include nuts and seeds in your computation of legume intake since they have similar amounts of protein.

Cooked beans consist of 6 to 11% of good quality proteins. In addition to protein, beans are rich in fibers, B vitamins, iron, calcium and bioactive compounds that protect against certain diseases.

The quality of soybean protein is better than that of other legumes, comparable to that of animals.

Legumes are an important source of plant protein. Intake of plant protein should be encouraged since foods that contain animal protein contain too much fat, despite the balanced amounts of essential amino acids, and fats should be consumed with caution.


To learn more, please refer to the Brazilian Food Guide, available at the SANS Network library or at the Ministry of Health website.

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