What to watch for when buying and preparing vegetables

When choosing, do not buy vegetables with the following characteristics:

whose parts, peel or flesh are soft or have molded or changed color;
whose leaves, stems or roots are wilted, molded or deteriorated;
that present any changes in their characteristic color, consistency or smell;
that present too little or too much moisture.

Remove the deteriorated leaves, parts and units.

Wash leafy greens (lettuce, watercress, endive, arugula) one leaf at a time and vegetables one by one with fresh water.

Submerse the vegetables for ten minutes in chlorinated water using a product made for this purpose (read the label).

 Wash your hands and the utensils used for cutting and preparing foods well.

Keep vegetables refrigerated until ready to serve.

To learn more, please refer to the Brazilian Food Guide, available at the SANS Network library or at the Ministry of Health website.