17 de dezembro de 2012

Scientific information about meats and eggs

VIGITEL surveyed by telephone 54,251 Brazilian adults in 2007 to investigate the risk factors for non-communicable chronic diseases. Excessive consumption […]
17 de dezembro de 2012

Cultural and historical curiosities about meats and eggs

Vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular since the production of vegetables has a smaller impact on the environment. Historically, most […]
17 de dezembro de 2012

Dietetic and cooking techniques: meats and eggs

Before preparing meats, remove all the visible fat. Favor roasted, cooked or grilled preparations. Learn to appreciate the natural flavor […]
17 de dezembro de 2012

Serving sizes for meats and eggs

1 serving = 190 Kcal Food Weight Cooking unit Beef rolls 110g 1 unit Beef, ground, braised 90g 5 tablespoons […]
13 de dezembro de 2012

The Project

General objective (proposal objective): The project proposes to integrate public policies on food and nutrition security and health by promoting […]
29 de outubro de 2012

Rede-SANS Local de Presidente Prudente

Articuladora Local: Juliana Santiago Santos – julianasantiago_nutri@hotmail.com Gisele M. Orrigo Coordenadora do PSF Sérgio Magaldi Presidente do COMSEA Flávio Tiezzi […]
29 de outubro de 2012

Rede-SANS Local de Presidente Venceslau

Articuladora Local: Maria Augusta Melchior Correa – tuti_esf@yahoo.com.br       Alessandra Julyene Bianca              […]
29 de outubro de 2012

Rede-SANS Local de Botucatu

Articuladora Local: Paula Maximo Torres – pmtorres23@gmail.com Carina Alcalá – carina_alcala@yahoo.com.br Ellen Cristina Francisco – ellen_c_f@hotmail.com   Marilda COMSAN Caldas […]
28 de outubro de 2012

Rede-SANS Local de Cananeia

Articuladora Local: Marina Vianna Ferreira – marina.vf@uol.com.br * Adriano Namur; * Andre Murtinho; * Arlindo; * Cesar; * Cleber Chiquinho; […]